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Values and aims

We believe that building lasting relationships of trust with local partners is a healthy way to support a community's battle against the causes of poverty.

We believe that charitable giving is more powerful when it is carefully targeted and when feedback is clear and swift.

We believe it is the energy and dynamism of the people of Amhara that will enable them to thrive: we just want to help them have the best opportunity for this.

Why 'Soil of Amhara' (SOA)?


Our name is not derived from a reference to agriculture - although nearly 90% of Amhara people are indeed small scale farmers. Instead the idea is that all of the raw ingredients for growth are found in the talents of the people and the richness of the land itself. We hope to facilitate growth much as a farmer is the sower of the seed - but the inherent values of the people and place lead to growth.

Longer Term Goals


We are in the early stages of developing a fund to act as a grant and interest-free loan scheme to enable local entrepreneurs to apply for capital to begin projects which they demonstrate will make their families and communities more financially secure.

We believe that the young people of Amhara can flourish.

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