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Our projects

We understand that ill-considered charitable giving can forge a dependency and that this is not helpful. Our aim is therefore to invest strategically in projects which will enhance opportunities in education or promote income-earning enterprise. Work which improves the environment, an integral part of community wellbeing, is also considered for investment. If our support is to have any effect it must be done with respect to the wisdom of dependable figures with a track record of care for their community, and the support of the wider community.


July to August 2022 

Tree planting - 1500 seedlings in the ground

Funds from Concord College's sponsored 'Ride the Great Green Wall' event had been lying dormant until the Summer rains came. Now 2 woodlands of native trees have been planted in the remote area of Estayesh up above 3000m in altitude.

kids outside.jpg

June to August 2022 

Refurbishing Asheten Elementary School

This rural school is 10km by dirt road in the mountains above Lalibela. 232 children attend but the classrooms were in poor condition. A generous gift by Concord College (UK) meant that 3 classrooms could be fully refurbished. The whole village helped to carry building materials to the school. The final touches of gypsum and paint are now being added. The community are delighted that the rooms will be so welcoming for the students in September.

April 2022

New chairs built by local craftsman for St Neakutoleab Primary School

The Government schools are often extremely poorly funded and so we were delighted to be able to help with a request for chairs for the library of a rural primary school. Making 30 chairs provided work for local people and has helped students feel more comfortable; hopefully helping them to fall in love with reading!

in library 3.jpg
close up 2.jpg
blurry good solar group.jpg

February to March 2022

Providing solar energy for households in a remote upland village

In a small village approximately 60km south of Lalibela 11 sets of solar panels, batteries and light bulbs have been distributed, one for each household. Residents danced with delight as this means their children can read into the evening and no longer will they need to buy expensive kerosene which can irritate the eyes. Through individual contributions we were also able to purchase a more powerful battery which is now being used to generate power for such occasions as weddings when speakers for audio systems are being used.

May 2021

Night school rebuild complete

The complete renovation of the Night School building was completed. It looks fresh and now provides a safe and attractive environment for those students seeking to do further study at Lalibela Primary School.

NIghtschool 7b (3).jpg

Spring 2021

Night school rebuild (underway)

£1200 has been given to begin work to rebuild the structure of the inadequate Night School building. This building is also used as a dorm but had deteriorated significantly and was no longer weather-proof.

February 2021

Renovating girls' toilets 

Previously, of the 20 toilets at Lalibela Primary School in the block only 8 had doors but now they have all been fixed or replaced so are all back in use. As well as this much needed improvement to privacy the outside was painted to improve the whole look of the area. 

1. classroom 3 children lined up (3).jpg

Dec 20 to Feb 21

4 Classrooms renovated

Classrooms which had long stood idle are now fit for occupation and hundreds of students are using them again each day.  Work was carried out on the walls, ceilings, doors, windows and exterior to give students a more comfortable and less crowded learning experience.

April 2020

Night school floor

Work was carried out to cement the tarmac floor of the Night School. The Night School project is the outworking of a vision from the school leaders to help accelerate the learning of high-achieving students before they go on to High School. However, funding for this project has been difficult to obtain. We were happy to be able to support this small but significant step to improving the conditions for the learning.


December 2019

Stationary, books & tissue

Money raised in a coffee sale at Concord College was donated to buying books and stationary for the most impoverished children at Lalibela Primary School. Tissue paper was also bought for the school's special needs department as the lack of this often presents challenges and hygiene concerns for teachers and students.

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