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Ride the Great Green Wall

Route and overview.jpg

The Concord College community has completed its whole-school fundraising challenge, ‘Ride the Great Green Wall.’ Students, staff and Concord alumni teamed together to complete the 8993km virtual cycle and row, traversing 12 nations across the Great Green Wall in Africa, in aid of Soil of Amhara.


Together, the College raised over £1500 for the charity – which was set up and run by members of the Concord community, including Founder and Geography teacher, Mr Steven Cale. Said Mr Cale: “The generous donations are being used to help establish a forest of native tree species in the highlands of Ethiopia. “Currently the site is being prepared, holes are being dug and manure being mixed with soil to create a fertile environment. When the rains come later in the year, over 15,000 saplings will be planted. “So, whilst this Concord College-funded forest will need our patience in seeing it bear fruit, we have been busy supporting a rural village with solar panels too.”

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