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About us


We are a group of like-minded people, based in Shropshire, UK, who want to make a difference.  We each have a passion for travel and an appreciation for the rich culture and beauty of Africa. 


We recognise that Amhara and Ethiopia is rich in so many ways; culturally, historically and geographically. Indeed, economic progress has been made in many ways. Nevertheless, in and around Lalibela, as with all of Ethiopia, the poverty can cripple people and severely limit their opportunities - to get a good education or to find the means to begin a small income-earning venture. In Ethiopia the median age is 18 years old and many young people are frustrated by poverty and deep hardship. The statistics tell the tale; national averages for childhood mortality are at 67/1000 and the literacy rate is only 52%. Perhaps in the Amhara, with a little effort we can help make that difference for them.


We are committed to our vision and as a small charity of volunteers we are able to ensure that any costs of running the charity are kept to an absolute minimum. That way nearly every penny goes to empowering the Amhara people.


Local Partners


So far our focus of operations has been in Lalibela where we have connected with leaders in the education sector to ensure that they can direct funds to the projects which local children will benefit most from. Building these relationships has been  mutually fulfilling. We take great care to ensure that our local leaders are the right people to implement investments. Prior to 2020/21's travel restrictions we were  able to meet with these local leaders and our Soil Of Amhara trustees are committed to ongoing visits to ensure all donations are well directed.

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